Kevin Hagedorn

March 25, 2022

RNA At-Home Testing Kits & Therapeutics: $1.3M From 250 Michigan Investors To Deploy New Tech

Life Magnetics, Inc. has solved a key problem with COVID-19 vaccine distribution, the need for cold storage. The most difficult aspect of RNA therapeutics and RNA at-home testing is transport. The problem is RNA is a fragile molecule. Most living organisms try to destroy free RNA because they think it’s a virus. Even if it’s not destroyed in this way, RNA falls apart on its own in a few days. Despite these limitations, the promise of RNA At-Home testing and RNA therapeutics cannot […]
December 28, 2017

Life Magnetics, Inc. Receives National Science Foundation Award To Develop RNA Purification & Stabilization Technology

There’s been an explosion in RNA technology in the last decade — and Michigan-based Life Magnetics, Inc. has developed new RNA purification and stabilization technology which […]