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Latest News & Updates

9 September 2015
This page is under construction.

Life Magnetics, Inc. website launched - it's currently under construction.

1 July 2015
Emerging technology award from the State of Michigan

Life Magnetics, Inc. is recognized for it's job creation potential with an award from the Emerging Technology Fund.

1 July 2015
NSF Phase I SBIR Grant Awarded

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Life Magnetics, Inc. (previously called Metastable Materials, Inc.) a grant to pursue commercialization of magnetic tags which can be used for both seperation and detection, allowing more testing to be done on-site at clinics and pharmacies.

19 July 2015
Commercialization assistance grant from the LARTA institute

Life Magnetics, Inc. has partnered with the LARTA institute to identify first customers. We're looking forward to working with our mentor, Ferey Faridian.

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