RNA Isolation Market

Testing in the life sciences, which includes medical tests and drug development, begins by isolating the molecules to be tested from raw biological material. RNA is a particularly difficult molecule to work with because it degrades in only 28 minutes. “What’s driving the rapid growth of the top 20 biopharma companies,” an article published by John Carroll in Endpoints News, notes that over the past six years the valuation of the top 20 biopharma companies has doubled and researchers at these companies believe the top three growth areas between 2018 and 2028 will be: RNA technology, gene therapies, and gene editing.

Emerging RNA applications

RNA tech includes powerful new diagnostic tools and revolutionary drugs. In diagnostics, RNA sequencing is vastly more powerful then DNA sequencing. DNA sequencing has limited diagnostic potential because we have the same DNA our entire lives. Sequencing a person's DNA yields the same result when we're a child, when we're an adult, and when we're sick. RNA sequencing probes what processes the body is performing at the moment the sample is taken which makes it a much more powerful diagnostic test. Furthermore, RNA drugs promise to increase the number of drugable targets by allowing us to provide synthetic instructions to cells. This makes RNA tech one of the most promising technologies in both diagnostic and therapeutics.

Our Value Proposition

Life Magnetics, Inc. has developed the worlds first carbon-based RNA extraction methods which allows RNA to be extracted, processed, shipped, and stored much more easily then with existing silica-based methods. The product improves key figures of merit such as RNA yield and purity which are metrics used by researchers and engineers to select products, but we also offer unique features, such as the ability to store and ship RNA, which are features that no other similar products have.

Our Innovation

Application Number: 15/888,702
Title: Methods for Separating RNA with Carbon Coated Magnetic Beads
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Life Magnetics is your complete solution to RNA isolation, storage, and shipping.