Automated Extraction Services

Our standard preparation process leverages robotic liquid handling to obtain highly consistent and robust results. Certain sample types, like wastewater, might use semi-automated protocols. Our carbon technology provides superior purity and RNA quality for a large variety of samples while also being particularly powerful for detecting trace targets in dilute solutions.

We are experts in a variety of sample preparation methods, including wastewater, viral, tissue and cells. Switching to an affordable automated system will increase productivity, RNA quality, and sample throughput. Schedule a consultation and we can recommend the best method for your samples.

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the Opentrons machine used for automated quality RNA preparation, processing, and extraction
Life Magnetics Wastewater RNA Isolation Kit

Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA extraction

The most advanced technology for detecting trace RNA analytes in dilute solutions. Dramatically improve RNA extraction from dilute solutions like COVID-19 detection in wastewater using our carbon prep RNA isolation kits. Carbon prep allows you to directly extract RNA from dilute solutions - no need for tedious precipitation of solids before extraction and no need for centrifuges or a cold room. Carbon technology allows you to pull RNA directly from the sample for faster sample preparation and superior results.

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