Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA extraction


Dramatically improve RNA extraction from dilute solutions like COVID-19 detection in wastewater using our carbon prep RNA isolation kits.


About the process

The most advanced technology for detecting trace RNA analytes in dilute solutions


Minimal Equipment Required

Extract RNA from up to 1000 ml with only a magnetic stand and heating block.

Simple and Rapid Method

Complete extraction in just over 1 hour as compared to more than 1 day with precipitation methods.

High Throughput

Automated washing, elution, and plating for PCR on an Opentrons liquid handler with up to 96 samples at a time for less than $20,000.



Carbon prep allows you to directly extract RNA from dilute solutions

No need for tedious precipitation of solids before extraction and no need for centrifuges or a cold room. Carbon technology allows you to pull RNA directly from the sample for faster sample preparation and superior results.


PEG Technique


1. Mix

20 mins

2. Spin

2 - 16 hrs

3. Centrifuge

1 hr

4. Resuspend

20 mins

5. Extract

1 hr

Total Time: 4.5 - 18.5 hrs

Life Magnetics Technique


1. Mix/Head

30 mins

2. Bind

10 mins

3. Separate

10 mins
Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA Extraction

4. Wash/Resuspend

20 mins

5. Elute

10 mins

Total Time: 80 mins

Example Data

Sampling Wastewater for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

RNA Recovery

Wastewater spiked with 20,000 copies of Phi 6 virus showed 99% recovery from 100 ml of wastewater.

RNA Recovery

60 min process time. Go from raw sample to PCR-ready RNA in 1 hour.

Test Kit

CarbonPrep wastewater and dilute solutions extraction kit, 250 reaction size and magnetic stand.

Extraction Kit


Magnetic Stand


What's Included

Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA Extraction

All Required Chemicals for RNA Isolation

Includes all required chemicals for RNA isolation, PCR reagents should be purchased separately

Equipment Needed

Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA Extraction

Hot Water Bath

Samples will need to be heated to 95C for 30 min.
Carbon Prep for Wastewater RNA Extraction

Magnetic Stand

Magnetic stand sold by Life Magnetics is compatible with a variety of 250 ml sample bottles including most common environmental collection bottles and common laboratory glass bottles.

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