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Product Cost
RNA extraction, quantitation, and quality assessment from $50 per sample
Reverse Transcription Service from $30 per sample
Primer Design and Real-time qPCR assay from $30 per sample
Digital PCR services inquire for availability

Automated Extraction Services

Our standard preparation process leverages robotic liquid handling to obtain highly consistent and robust results. Certain sample types, like wastewater, might use semi-automated protocols. Our carbon technology provides superior purity for a large variety of samples and is particularly powerful for detecting trace targets in dilute solutions. We are experts in a variety of sample preparation methods. Schedule a consultation and we can recommend the best method for your samples.

Quality Assured!

High-quality RNA is critical to downstream workflows. Great RNA means great results! The extracts can be checked with a variety of methodologies to measure and ensure the integrity, purity, and yield before shipping them back.

PCR and Digital PCR services

We offer PCR and digital PCR services. Quantify low abundance targets like COVID-19 and its variants in wastewater. Detect rare events like cancer gene mutations, absolutely quantify targets, or perform standard Ct analysis.

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